Sara Girelli | Tine Bech Monograph
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Tine Bech Monograph

Book Binding, Graphic Design
1st year, book binding, book design, brief, graphic design, monograph, university
About This Project

Year 1 University Brief “Graphic Design in Context”.
We were asked to create a monograph about an artist of our choice. I chose to create mine about Tine Bech, an artist that works with lights and play. Her works are stunning, playful, community-based and inspiring. I wanted to celebrate her work, playing with very bright coloured paper and black paper, creating a monograph that everybody can rearrange, moving the spreads in the way that they enjoy most. I also created a detatchable dye-cut insert that allows you to play with light and shadows.

Since Tine Bech use light as center piece of the installations that I included in the monograph, I wanted to fully celebrate it  using typography that have a meaningful connection with her work, so I chose the “Tesla” typeface from the Graphic Designer Lexi Griffith. You can find her Tesla typeface on her Behance page.