Sara Girelli | Illustrator & Designer
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Hi! My name is Sara.

I’m an Illustrator and Graphic Design and I’m passionate about Social Innovation.

I would love to work on projects that use creativity to generate a positive change on our society.


Purple cartoon squirrel, with brush and paint

I love creating illustration, usually watercolour or digitally. My stile is child friendly, doodling and funny.

Youtube Content

I plan, shoot and edit the content for the family-friendly Youtube Channel “Squirrel Squared”, that I run with my daughter Chloe.

Making & Creating

I love to create with my hands, to make something from scratch and experiment, so I can have an excuse to learn new skills. šŸ˜‰

Graphic Design

Some times to times I like to explore different media, creating books, campaigns or other classic graphic design outcomes.

Have a look at the work

that I’ve done so far..


During my Access Course and my Degree Course I received two awards for my projects.

“A Living Wage, A Better Life” is a short movie created for the Campus Movie Festival, an internationalĀ competition for students. I won an Honorable Mention in the Elfenwork Social JusticeĀ  category and the Virgin America In-flight Award. To know more about this video, check my project page.

“Creative Change” is a concept app created for the Creative Conscience Award competition and I was honored to receive a High Commented award in the category Illustration & Animation. To know more about this concept, check my project page.

Illustration, animation, video, app, the format doesn’t matter: the medium is just a tool to change the world around us. We all have the responsibility to do whatever we can to leave behind a us a better world than the one we inherited.